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Peace begins with each of us taking care of our bodies and minds every day


I'm glad you're visiting my homepage!

I have been teaching yoga and giving massages for more than 17 years.

I am often asked what yoga is about. Then I try to explain that the experience is experiencing yoga through practicing it.


It's the same as massaging. I could tell you about it for hours. But it wouldn't come close to the experience. Everything that passes through the senses goes beyond the scope of what can be explained.

Through the postures, the breath, the feelings, the mind, we become more and more conscious over time.

Life is movement and a constantly flowing river.

Yoga helps us arrive in the now, the silence and the truth.

It helps us stimulate our self-healing powers, become more aware and deal with stress better.


These are just a few of the good qualities that develop through yoga.

Thanks to yoga, I am healthy, relaxed and happy today.

My life is varied and characterized by wonderful moments.

That was not always so. I used to have a lot of blockages, chronic complaints, pain and suffering.

These are my greatest teachers Life itself and my 19 year old daughter who I love with all my heart. 


Big thanks to all the wise souls who accompany me on my path through life and from whom I learn so much.


My travel:

Shivananda Yoga
Valistha Upmane


ATT200 Airyoga Zurich

Christine May, Michael Turnherr, Richard Hackenberg, Rachel Zinman (Ayurveda)

2010 - 2012:

Ayuryoga yoga therapy training with Remo Rittiner

Spiral dynamics with Eva Hager - Forstenlechner

TCM Ingfried Hobert (Ethno Health)

Wild herbs course with Dr. Switzers


Vinyasa Yoga with Shiva Rea in Munich

2014 - 2015:

ATT300 Airyoga Zurich a total of 500 hours at Yogaalliance

Stephen Thomas



Thai - Yoga - Massage training with Krishna Takis in Greece 10 days.

In the years that followed, many small and large further training courses in this area.


Yin yoga

Josh Summers


7 day silent retreat on the Beatenberg



3 days basic hypnosis training in Stuttgart

Complete hypnosis training 10 days in Berlin at the Ther-Medius Institute



EMDR, trauma therapy training 


Complete training 10 days on the island of Langeoog for singing bowl therapy according to Peter Hess 



Studied physiognomy (reading faces) with Max Bänziger in a private seminar.



Give private yoga teacher training.



(I have only mentioned a few names & teaching positions.)

Over the years and experiences, I have been able to have many great yoga teachers and yoga experiences. Of Silence (Vipassana) & Meditation retreats and all possible yoga styles and directions.

Yoga conferences around the world. In Cologne, Türkiye, Barcelona etc.

Yoga retreats in Ibiza, Greece etc. Workshops...Many well-known teachers and friends.

Satsanga, studying spiritual scriptures and much more. In private lessons from Priya, a Jnana Yogi. (Yoga of Knowledge)

I myself teach various styles of yoga. From the perspective of yoga therapy, the variety and the training of a lot of fine muscles is very beneficial for health.

For several years I have been organizing yoga, massage, wild herbs & Nutritional workshops, also in the creative area, e.g. making macrame. Floristry (I completed my apprenticeship in a flower shop). Retreats and have a lot of fun.

You are welcome to me from Her-Zen!

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