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EMDR trauma therapy



('Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing') is a modern treatment method developed in the USA, which was initially used primarily to treat traumatized people, but is now usedvery successful is used for a much larger spectrum of indications (fears & phobias, pain therapy, sexual disorders, emotional blockages, coaching, etc.).

EMDR is similar to hypnotic procedures in some respects (e.g. moving an object in front of the eyes) and is therefore perceived by many hypnotherapists as very "similar to hypnosis". In fact, it can also be excellently combined with hypnosis/hypnotherapy and integrated into countless well-known hypnotic treatment concepts. In some cases, you can achieve extremely quick therapeutic successes and often resolve even the most "stuck" blockages in a very short space of time.

EMDR isa powerful therapy method in itself, as well as onepowerful special tool, which can be used specifically to deal with individual topics and blockages if necessary.

Die Preise sind die selben wie bei der Hypnose.

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