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Ethnic Health

Harness the best of our planet.

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Optimize health, strengthen vitality, stimulate self-healing processes

I have been taking Ethno Health products regularly for many years. I am exceptionally healthy and vital. They give me a perfect complement to my diet and all the vital nutrients my body needs. Ethno Health is the optimal plant-based nutritional supplement. I can fully recommend it. Especially at this time when we are exposed to so many environmental toxins, we need a stronger immune system to stay healthy in the long term.

Under the direction of the ethnologist and general practitionerDr. med. Ingfried HobertIn search of the sources of life force, a team of specialists combed through the traditional healing knowledge of all peoples on earth. After years of research, the most effective medicinal plants in the cultures were identified and put to the test. In order to clarify the crucial question of the amount of intake required for the healing effect, scientific studies in large American university databases (including were carefully examined. The result is 30 Ethno Health medicinal plant recipes, including 10 from traditional Chinese medicine.

All products are largely vegan, lactose- and gluten-free and come in the highest quality, exclusively from certified retailers. Since compliance with ecological and ethical principles has the highest priority, purity, environmental compatibility, sustainability and ethics are our top priority. Products with sensitive or questionable toxicity risks were consistently avoided.

The Best Powers of Our Planet – Health & Life force from nature

We have unprecedented opportunities to strengthen health and vitality and stimulate healing processes in a completely natural way. A special role is played by highly effective medicinal plant mixtures that come to us from various regions of the world - from the depths of the Australian outback to the plateaus of the Himalayas or the rainforests of Brazil. It is thanks to their natural power and diversity that we now have valuable alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines.

Anne B.

I started using Root Power immediately after the birth of my second child and have been taking it for about 5 months now. I'm breastfeeding fully, which physically drains me. I lost a lot of weight with my first child and now I can maintain my weight and don't feel so emaciated. I feel like the root force, as the name suggests, roots me and gives me strength. Even though I'm tired from the lack of sleep, I don't feel totally down, I feel like I'm still able to practice yoga and cope with everyday life. I often couldn't do that before! So thumbs up for root power.

Anna W.

The Root Power product is a wonderful support for everyday life. Especially in stormy times at work, when the seasons change or other life changes, you receive powerful support for your energy balance and gain better grounding. A source of strength from the middle 

Mrs R.

I took the protein vital complex to detoxify and lost three kilos after three weeks and it helped me to have more energy again after a serious operation. A great product that I can recommend to everyone.


I've been taking the protein vital complex for about 2 months now... and have noticed that I've lost weight, great... I'm feeling better mentally and physically, I also do the yoga therapy exercises regularly, I suspect it's a combination of both.

Ursula W.

I take the drug regularly and feel very fit as a result. When I took a blood test at the doctor, I was able to see that all my values were very good, which made me very happy.

Chris Lea O.

I was always sick and since I took the medicine I haven't had a cold. I'm super excited about this product.

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