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Yoga therapy



Helps with back, neck and joint pain. For sleep disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, life crises, various chronic complaints and much more.

Typical treatment begins with a diagnosis. I look at your posture.

I then release the strongest tension with pressure point therapy based on the energy meridians

or treat yourself with a massage.

Adapted asanas (yoga postures) are then practiced with a focus on correct posture.

I also record the exercises so that they can be practiced daily. 

In addition, the therapy also includes, among other things, mediation, breathing exercises, etc...

Knowledge of spiral dynamics, nutrition, TCM and Ayurveda are also integrated.

After the treatment you will have your own recorded yoga sequence to practice.


Over time you will find your natural balance

in everyday life again.

I would be happy to accompany you on your journey.



A yoga therapy session lasts for the first time

90 minutes and costs: 130 francs

One hour costs: 90 francs

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